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Leasing & Fleet Services

Through our strategic partnership with Jim Pattison Lease, Visa Rentals & Leasing manages all aspects of your lease lifecycle; from vehicle selection and acquisition, lease term and structure, through to vehicle remarketing. VISA Rentals & Leasing provides the tools and expertise to effectively manage your vehicle needs.

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Open-End Lease


We'll advise you on a term and structure that matches your unique industry and application


Our experts will work closely with you to determine the appropriate residual that maximizes cash flow and reduces residual risk


No KM Charges

There are no over km penalties in an open-end lease

After Market Accessories

Enjoy the flexibility to add after market accessories to your vehicle

True Lifecycle Costs

While you assume the residual obligation, we help with setting depreciation rates to closely match true useful life

Closed-End Lease


A lease structure that allows you to easily budget your fixed lease payments, with no residual surprises


We assume the risk for the residual value at the end of the lease



You are only responsible for monthly payments and the vehicle's condition. When the lease is done, you simply return the vehicle

Low Risk

Don't worry about the used car market - we assume the risk of vehicle depreciation

Ease of Management

Simple and easy to manage, you enjoy the benefits of leasing without the risks

Fleet Services

Our wide selection of services will help you manage your fleet safely and efficiently while helping lower your overall fleet operating costs.

Vehicle Acquisition

Our experienced team with work closely with you to determine your fleet vehicle needs and provide vehicle options and configurations that are right for your business operating needs.

Up-fitting Management

Through our network of up-fitting partners, we will help manage the entire process which includes determining up-fitting need, logistics, and billing.

Fuel Management

Our fuel management program provides convenient access to all major refueling stations across Canada while actively monitoring and managing your fuel costs.

Maintenance Management

Our maintenance management program provides access to over 20,000 national and independent repair shops across Canada.


Gain access to our 24/7 online reporting platform that generates useful fleet analytics and ad hoc reports including monthly fleet activities; cents per km reporting; maintenance history and fuel expenditures.


We offer multiple resale channels at the end of the lease term to ensure the highest return. For most lease types, vehicles can be sold at auction, to a third party, or directly to a driver. For more information on the benefits of a remarketing program, click here

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    Leasing & Fleet Management