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How to pick the right size cargo van

How to pick the right size cargo van

If you are preparing to rent a cargo van, you want to make sure to select the right one. Choosing the best cargo van for the job will require a bit of forethought, so you will get the most benefit from your rental. At Visa Rentals & Leasing Inc., we know how important this process is, and we are here to help you find the ideal cargo van to do the job. You can stop by and talk to a sales representative for assistance. We have plenty of cargo vans to meet whatever need you to have. For now, let's look at four ways to select the right cargo van.


Is It Large Enough?

Most likely you need to rent a cargo van for work purposes. That means you must ensure that you have adequate room inside to haul all your work equipment. You may need a large size one or a mid-size one, depending on the nature of your work. For example, if you install carpet, you may need a larger cargo van because you will need to be hauling rolls of carpeting as well as the padding. In addition, you'll need your tools on hand. This can take up plenty of space.


Does it Have the Right Interior Layout?

The interior is important too. Some people need their cargo van to convert to a mini-office. Others need it to be completely empty in the back because they will be using the back for all their supplies. Still, others need shelving, cabinets, and storage containers to keep their supplies and tools in. So, as you can see, interior design is quite important.


Is it Fuel Efficient?


For some business people, this may not be a big concern because all of their work is local They might only drive the cargo van a minimal amount each day. So, even if it isn't the most fuel-efficient, this isn't at the top of their list of priorities. However, for those that must do significant driving, fuel efficiency is quite important. In this case, you want to ensure the cargo van gets good mileage.


Will You Be Carrying Heavy Items?

The size of the cargo van you rent also depends on the weight of what you will be carrying. If you have a business that requires hauling substantially heavy items, then you will want a heavy-duty cargo van. You might require one that is a bit bigger.


Next Steps for Renting a Cargo Van


Stop by Visa Rentals & Leasing Inc. and check out our wide selection of cargo vans. When you need a cargo van rental in Grande Prairie, we are the place for you.

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