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Things to consider when choosing a truck to rent

Things to consider when choosing a truck to rent

Moving can be a stressful and costly affair for anyone. You need to analyze every detail of the place you are moving to, but you also need to bring your furniture and personal items with you. Renting a truck is usually the best option, but before you pick one, you need to consider many things -- this article will help you with that process.


Think About Cabin Size, and Add 25%

Think About Cabin Size, and Add 25%


If you’re moving homes, you probably have a lot of furniture already, and you have to decide what you will bring with you and what you’ll leave behind. When you need to rent a truck, make sure that the size is fitted for your needs.


As a general rule, furniture always ends up taking up more space than you originally imagined. To select the right size for your rental truck, add about 25% more space than you think you’ll need to ensure everything will fit. 


Going DIY: Read the Reviews First!

Going DIY Read the Reviews First!


Choosing rental truck companies is quite easy if you know where to look. Your first step should be the internet, where company reviews will be available. 


You definitely want to avoid sketchy businesses that you’ve never heard of and aim for trusted companies. Reviews will give you crucial information such as pricing, professionalism, and how fast they can get you a truck. Be aware of companies with a bad reputation or companies that will try to take advantage of you and overcharge you.


Make Sure Everything is Safe and Insured

Make Sure Everything is Safe and Insured


Accidents can happen no matter where you go. That’s why the truck you will be driving needs to be insured against all types of incidents, even if the insurance costs you a bit more.


Make sure that the vehicle can carry all the weight you need and that you can drive it. Also, make sure you can cross the border between Canada and the U.S., if necessary. You should be able to find all of this information online, so be sure to thoroughly check the company’s website.


Driving a Truck: It’s a Long Way Home

Driving a Truck It’s a Long Way Home


You can drive a rental truck without a special permit in Canada, but that doesn’t mean driving such a vehicle will be accessible. You should familiarize yourself with the truck before hitting the road because moving trucks need a lot more space than you might be used to, such as when making turns or backing up.


Take a few minutes to get familiar with the truck and know which roads it should take and which you should avoid. This is especially true for long-distance drives with bridges. You should avoid narrow roads and keep an eye out for difficult weather conditions if you are not used to driving big vehicles.

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