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Benefits of Fleet Services

Fleet ManagementAre Fleet Management Programs right for your business?

Vehicle fleet management programs continue to gain popularity as they help clients manage a safe and efficient fleet. An effective vehicle fleet management program should offer a single card solution so there is no need for your drivers to carry multiple fuel/maintenance cards with them. This in turn will manage costs, reduce administration, and increase driver productivity.

Increase your fleet's efficiency and minimize administration headaches

Fuel Management Program

An effective fleet card should not only be able to control, track and validate fuel spend, but should also be accepted at multiple major fuel suppliers.

Maintenance Management Program

A well-established maintenance management program is the backbone of effective fleet management. A major cost-saving measure that some fleet management company maintenance programs offer is a secondary approval limit to advise clients of work exceeding a pre-agreed upon dollar amount. This ensures there are no billing surprises. Maintenance costs are validated by trained technicians to prevent upselling and unnecessary work and to ensure all warranty and goodwill considerations are taken into account prior to authorizing repairs and processing payment. All invoices, including those under the card limit, are authorized prior to payment and billing.

Streamlined Fuel & Maintenance Data

Another benefit of obtaining a fuel and maintenance card program is that it provides relevant data about your fuel and maintenance management. An up-to-date system can monitor out of province fuel purchase notifications, high-cost fuel purchases, multiple fuel transactions per day and premium fuel purchases. All fleet data is consolidated and available online 24/7.

consolidated Payments

Reduced administrative time and cost of paying multiple vendors is the direct result of only having to make one payment for lease, fuel and maintenance programs.

Spend Data Analytics

Most fuel and maintenance cards also come with an online Dashboard that can be used to track lease, fuel, and maintenance information, and determine operating cents per kilometres, which will identify high spend units and provide an opportunity for additional fleet savings.

Some of the key benefits of a fleet management program include:

Convenience - one card does it all

  • Single fuel & maintenance card solution means that drivers do not need to carry multiple cards and your fleet administration department does not need to track or administer multiple cards
  • Accepted at multiple fuel suppliers and auto repair facilities across the country
  • Pay at the Pump technology
  • Accommodate your current maintenance suppliers
  • Access to fleet data 24/7 using an online dashboard
  • Easy fleet card ordering and management

Control - spend and security

  • Ability to set individual card limits for each fuel and maintenance card and non-fuel purchases can be restricted
  • PIN technology with odometer capture increases security while enhancing reporting functionality
  • Multiple PIN options
  • Cost savings opportunities identified (limit unnecessary mid and premium fuel purchases)
  • Exception Management/Reporting - daily monitoring and notification on:
  • Out of province fuel purchase notifications
  • High priced fuel purchases (over tank capacity/card limit)
  • Multiple fuel transactions in one day
  • Fuel type mismatches
  • Drivers are reminded of upcoming scheduled maintenance
  • Maintenance is monitored by licenced technicians to match manufacturer recommendations and prevent upselling. Labour times are monitored to meet industry guidelines to control costs
  • All maintenance invoices are audited prior to payment to identify cost saving opportunities, including manufacturer warranty goodwill consideration

Consolidation - easier to manage your fleet spend

  • Easy-to-read monthly invoice detailing fuel, maintenance and roadside assistance charges per vehicle
  • Accurate cents per kilometre (CPK) tracking
  • All fleet data is available on an online dashboard
  • Flexible and customized reporting can be broken down by operating divisions/cost centres

Additional programs that take fleet management to a whole new level


A powerful and simple analytic tool that allows you to explore your fleet's data intuitively and in real-time. Also known as GPS, telematic programs help you maintain a safe and efficient fleet by monitoring driver habits, trip recordings, engine diagnostics, live mapping, and fleet utilization.

Taxable Benefits

Tracking your drivers' personal use of vehicles can be difficult and time-consuming. Effective taxable benefit programs will allow your drivers to enter their mileage through 24/7 online and mobile platforms. This mileage will then be consolidated and presented to you in reports that are simple to understand and compliant with CRA requirements.

License Renewal

Effective Fleet Management programs should offer their expertise to keep customers current by ensuring all necessary renewals are completed within provincial requirements. This service covers plate registration renewals, lost or stolen plate replacements, provincial vehicle transfers, plate cancellations, and name changes.

Driver Abstract

Monitoring your company's liability just makes sense. Driver abstract management can help you make informed decisions by obtaining drivers' records and reporting back on the findings.

Accident Management

A full service accident management program will cover everything from the first reporting of an accident, repair negotiation, subrogation, to getting vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

This is a just a glimpse of some of the programs that can help you effectively and safely manage your fleet, while helping reduce your fleet costs. For more information on fleet management benefits and much more, contact us!